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About Our Team

Healing, Compassion, Connection

Iridescent Vista Counselling Services was created by two dedicated mental health professionals, Onika Haywood and Monika Parsons whose focus has been supporting individuals (children, youth, adults) in the healing journeys from their interpersonal trauma experiences. 


Using various approaches, Iridescent Vista supports not only individuals, but also agencies who are looking to foster their own trauma-informed care within their establishments.

Onika Haywood


Onika has been working in Children’s Mental Health for over 25 years, both as a Frontline Mental Health Worker and as leader to frontline staff.  These decades of experience have been spent leading staff through the developmental, emotional and psychological processes of developing identity as the people we are first,  and as mental health workers.  This is a balance of using our “self” as the therapeutic tool (which encompasses our education and experience), while not re-experiencing, all while utilizing the self-regulatory practices we hope to model and effectively “teach”.  Onika uses these clinical and managerial skills to facilitating staff supervisions (individual and group formats) to support staff members as well as, teams, with transformation towards a self and effective use of themselves in their front line practice. 

A proven leader in the mentoring & training of frontline staff teams  through clinical change and crises that impact a staff group’s ability to deliver client-centered service. Onika has led teams to implement trauma-informed approaches to the relational work of Mental Health Practitioners. This often leads to supporting the professional development of frontline staff through increasing the self-awareness and self-regulatory skills that are essential in developing a therapeutic alliance with our clients, and recognizing how stressors impact one’s ability to be present for our clients. 

Onika utilizes her skills as experienced group facilitator to analyze strengths and areas of growth that would benefit staff teams through conflict with empathy, understanding, and an honest & direct approach.  Her ability to integrate these principles has led to positive outcomes for team dynamics & cohesion and a strong clinical approach. 


Experienced in Frontline Mental Health worker individual and group supervisions, group trainings, incidental or theme-related crises, systems work.

Trained in CBT, DBT, Principles of Trauma-informed practice.

Monika Parsons

Registered Psychotherapist

Monika began her work in the mental health sector in 2005.  She has a wealth of experience working in children's treatment settings of which include: live-in group programs, assessment homes, and psychiatric crisis settings.  With over a decade-long clinical experience, Monika holds a extensive knowledge of mental health treatment, with a specialized focus on Trauma. 


Monika is trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), Narrative Therapy, Solution-Focused counselling, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and holds a Trauma Certificate.  These modalities guide her individual therapy sessions with clients and support individuals in healing their inner-child parts. 


Monika has worked with agency staff (front line professionals); with specific focus on burnout, compassion fatigue and implementing Self-Care.  Having experience of working on the front-lines,  Monika can  relate to the day-to-day challenges of our caring professionals (CYWs, PSWs, SWs).


Monika has held leadership roles to support Teams through group supervision, mentorship, and agency trainings.  Main goals being implementation of trauma-informed lens into practice, teaching concepts of neurobiology of trauma, and supporting staff with regulation of their own nervous systems and self-care. 


Therapy is a way to take care of yourself; to  deepen your self-connection. By working with Monika, whether through individual psychotherapy,  through group workshops or team consultations you will be guided on a journey to create a greater awareness of your parts, unburdening  pain, and creating a balanced internal system.

Master of Arts (CHYS) -  Brock University

Trauma Certificate - Wilfrid Laurier University 

Registered Psychotherapist with CRPO (Reg. #004998)

Member - Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists 

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