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Workshops & Groups


Offering virtual and in-person workshop for individuals looking to enhance and deepen their relationship with yourself, and deepen your understanding with your own Internal System. 

Workshops & Groups focus on topics related to:

  • Exploring and understanding impact of traumas; cultural, generational, vicarious secondary traumatic stress on interpersonal relationships, and personal mental health

  • Teaching of practical coping strategies, mindfulness practices, and grounding techniques.

These workshops and group series are for anyone interested in growing professionally and personally as part of restoring balance and harmony withing their internal systems, social network and/or work establishments. 


Group REGISTRATION is now OPEN for:

"Trauma Informed Care: a group for mental health professionals"
A 6-week (in person) clinical consultation/supervision group for “like minds" to learn about trauma & trauma complexities of the day-to-day in your frontline practice through self-reflective practice.
Professional practice and personal development are one and the same. Your own story shows up and impacts your work. All of you and your parts show up in every environment. The purpose of this group is for professionals to build trauma informed care into their practice, all the while integrating this knowledge into expanding your professional strengths.
  • Introduction the principles of trauma informed care through a lens of self-reflection.
  • Using the IFS Model, you will dive deeper into your own system to further understand your own triggers and how trauma impacts you.
  • Integrating new skills and strategies into your trauma informed practice.
  • Clinical Supervision & Case Consultation

Spring  Cycle                      

Mondays, April 8 – May 13, 2024; 6pm-8pm

(12 Clinical Consultation/Supervision hours)                       


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Click here for Group Flyer

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